Over Easter, I had the wonderful opportunity of visiting my amazing mentor and former Youth Pastor in Bristol during the bank holiday!

What made it special was…they had no idea I was coming!

A few week prior to our trip, Jihan asked if I wanted to go on a road trip to visit the McEwens – I said yes straight away.


…well if I'm honest, Janae and I slept most of the journey lol.

We arrived just in time to make the Easter service. Their new church is called E5!

This Easter Sunday, Anoushca was putting on 'The Passion' play that we had done at City Gates a few years back.

It was so cool to see other people play the characters you acted as and how they interpreted their role (sorry that's the inner performing arts student within me talking lol)

I found myself getting really emotional when I saw Pastor Steve on stage giving an alter call (call for salvation).

It was a bit surreal seeing him on stage. I mean this is a man who has imparted so much love, wisdom and guidance into my life. A man who has always seen the best in me, prayed for me and encouraged me during my lowest times as a teen!!

And don't get me started with Anoushca! This gorgeous lady mentored me through my teens. She has and always been a great example to me and because of her I'm able to flourish in ministry and serve others to the best of my ability!

The show was over and the cast were thanked and applauded. Steve then gave his beautiful wife Anoushca a special shout out for putting on the show.

At this point Anoushca spotted me and shouted 'Shivy! I'm coming down'! Honestly I was so happy to see her!

It had been roughly 7 months since I'd seen Steve, Anoushca and Anastasia so we were ready to catch up and take a trip around the town.

It's not a reunion without a cheeky nandos lol! We spent the afternoon catching up and filling each other in with what's new at our respective churches.

As we walked around Bristol, I honestly thought I was in a different country! The atmosphere was just so different

Pastor Steve gave a proper tour of the town and explained that Bristol is the home of Banksy! I captured many of his original pieces painted on walls and buildings 😍🎨

"Break dancing Jesus" guys I cannot 😂

Steve and Anoushca then had to get back to their church for the evening service so Ian, Jihan, Janae and I made our way to our hotel!

When we arrived Janae and I found our room and it was playtime – it's always playtime with Auntie Shivy 😁

It's not an Auntie Shivy occasion without Peppa Pig. I must say this is one of THE funniest episodes I've seen #PeppaCanNotWhistle (see below)

The night ended with a few bed stories and then we were counting sheep😴


Janae and I were up and ready nice and early so we had a little photoshoot 📸

The next day we said our goodbyes to Steve Anoushca and Anastasia and went to be tourists for a few hours until it was time to drive back!

A huge thank you to the McEwen's! Thank you for taking the time out to be our tour guides 😁

I seriously thought that I was back in Germany, the area was so clean and I could enjoy being a tourist for a few hours at the aquarium and outdoor cinema.

It was a great end to an amazing Easter weekend. We went one one more adventure and got ready to travel back to London!

When I was finally dropped home, I bid the Greaves family adieu and ran indoors!

To top of the amazing Easter weekend I was blessed enough to enjoy an Easter feast with my family!

Thank you Ian and Jihan for taking me! Honestly you continue to be a blessing to me and I appreciate all you do!

I'll see you soon Bristol x


2 thoughts on “Easter trip to Bristol

  1. This is so cool Shivvy! A whole brand new world to me!!!! Feeling pretty cool that I am part of it … even if it’s through just posting a comment!!

    You’re so full of life, energy and gratitude…. yes Pastor Steve and Anoushca have done good😀 I pray that as they have sown, they will reap a bountiful harvest for God’s glory and good pleasure.

    Keep living Girl, much love💕

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