…sounds horrifying right?

Some people think it's a huge gimmic, others a tourist attraction, but for some it's their daily breakfast spot with a hint of nostalgia!

Here are the owners/creators; identical twins Alan and Gary Keery. These cool guys claim to be "obsessed with everything cereal" and it shows.

The cafe my girl and I hit up is in Brick Lane. If you do not pay attention you WILL miss it (as I have done on several occasions)

When you enter you'll see hundreds of different types of cereal from around the world displayed on the walls!

Oh, side note…I didn't intentionally miss breakfast so I could have my cereal in the afternoon. Let's be real, cereal is that meal you can have at any hour and every hour.

When I picked up the menu, I remember putting it down and taking another because I thought it was dirty lol!! (it's the design)

You then choose your bowl size.

  • Small = 1 cereal
  • Medium = 2 cereals
  • Large = 3 cereals

(If you're frugal like me, go for a medium lol)

To create the perfect bowl of cereal you have to be brave enough to choose from at least 30 different varieties of milk and 20 different toppings….trust me it's tough.

Erhumu and I made sure we checked the menu beforehand because we are two of the most indecisive people out there 😂

I'm gonna be honest with you. In the hopes of choosing the best cereal I ended up on YouTube, comparing tastes, textures and consistency 😂

After we found our table in the basement we went back upstairs to order. Overall, it only took us two days prior, 15 mins in store and a few free samples to finally choose!

We were then given a Lion King VCR as the table reference (clever). The party continued as we waited for our cereals whilst bumping to old school songs from the 80s/90s.

Cereal's here ladies! Yes, time to eat! I ordered Marhsmallow Mateys and Cinnabons, with bubblegum flavoured coconut milk.
#TeamNoDairy 🍼
#SweetTooth 🍭
#SugarRush 😝

And my gorgeous girl here ordered a Cinnabon and Chocapic duo, with Oreo pieces…topped with salted caramel milk!

Time for the TASTE TEST!

Ok so I forgot to save the footage of me tasting my food. But I put on my best "wow-this-tastes-so-good-after-the-first-spoonful" face

Here's my sister Ehumu looking cute for the gram 😘

Right, if you're smart you'll pace yourself, this is a £5 bowl of cereal after all!!

When our bowls were empty, we took some more pictures of the venue and had a catch up ❤️

This isn't a review post but I'll give the experience a 5 out of 10. It was fun, and a nice little chill spot but I sensibly spent £5.30 and left hungry (irrelevant because I'm always hungry)

Realistically, I will never spend more than £5 on ONE bowl of cereal again. Coming from someone who is careful with her money…I'd rather get some wings from Nando's mate. 😂

After breakfast comes lunch! I decided to take Erhumu on a trip to the best Chinese place I know. It's called "My Old Place", and they serve the most authentic Chinese food my tastebuds have ever…tasted!

(You know it's legit when there are only Chinese people in there)

The food was fab, I went for a cheeky Low Mein with shrimp, whelks, squid and some greens.

That ain't math!?

Good food, good people, good vibes ✊🏾❤️

If you want to know more about Cereal Killer Cafe their website is:

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