Hello Birthday Month!

There’s been such a build up to this particular Birthday that I found myself super anxious as my 25th slowly approached…

I mean come on there’s been so much hype about turning 25 that I can’t help but anticipate a great day or not …don’t be such a pessimist Shiv.

So a few weeks ago Dwayne told me to keep Sunday 1st October free because it will be my early birthday present.

After a busy day at work we rushed home, I got dressed and we were on our way.

In true Dwayne fashion he didn’t give anything away, nor did he succumb to the pressure or all my questions 😂

I’ve always said that I’m the most difficult person to surprise because I just figure things out. But to make things fair I purposely didn’t ask too many questions.

Instead I just scream internally and fidget in my seat because I’m nervous


Whilst on the central line Dwayne lost focus and said “whoops we were meant to get off two stops before…”


Anyway, we eventually got to Canary Wharf and we walked around till we came to this restaurant called Rum & Sugar.

We walked in and ordered or food. Those who know me KNOW that I can’t handle spicy food. But I decided to brave it and order jerk chicken.


It was a struggle and Dwayne had to finish my food lol!

He knows me so well lol.

We wined, dined and left. In true Shivy fashion I thought to myself…there’s no way Mr Rapley has brought me all the way to Canary Wharf just to eat then let us go home!?

I thanked him and asked what do you wanna do now? Shall we go somewhere?

To which he replied “no let’s just go home

We jumped onto the jubilee line and I lay my head down to sleep (ofcourse)

BUT THEN…Dwayne quickly got up and I was super confused. He got off the train and I followed after. He had the cheekiest smirk on his face and I just couldn’t figure out where we were going lol.

We tapped out at North Greenwich (The O2) and I still had no clue why! I looked around for signs to see if there was a performance, comedy show or a concert happening… nothing.

Dwayne silently walked ahead with that cheeky grin and as we turned a corner he pointed up and said “that’s pretty high up isn’t it”…

My heart immediately sank…excitement and fear at the same time.

We were about to CLIMB THE O2!

Now, completing Up At The O2 has been one of my pending challenges but I just hadn’t got around to doing it so I crossed it off my list.

But Mr Rapley had gone out of his way to trick me (again) as part of my birthday celebrations lol.

We entered, signed the waiver and watched the safety video.

Then it was time to get suited up. We had an option of using a gilet or a jump suit…ofcourse we went for the more stylish jumpsuit lol

We had a quick briefing then it was time to climb.

For safety reasons you can’t take your phone out to snap as you’re climbing – now that’s one safety procedure I’ll listen to lol!

As you ascend, it’s so flipping steep. You’re basically climbing up at a 30 degree angle and our guide then decides to give us a tour of London from the sky.

He showed us all these landmarks, but I just wanted to keep going up! It was cold and windy and I don’t like clouds (luckily it didn’t rain).

We carried on climbing and when we reached the top we stayed for about 20 minutes to take pictures and admire the view.

I was so glad that the clouds had disappeared but I didn’t realise how quickly it got dark.


Ok, time for the descent. The guide asked if I would like to lead on the way down, instead of the other couple, to which I responded, “Absolutely…not“.

He was cracking up, personally I love it when people mistake my seriousness for humour. There was no way I was going down first lol.

We stopped…again! Our guide pointed out that every time the Thames tide (fantastic use of alliteration Shivy) goes back that this one lonely seal appears and sits on the bank.

(Didn’t get a pic, but it I can assure you it was in fact a lone seal chilling by the Thames)

No more stops please!

The guide said on the descent you can even climb backwards because it’s easier on the joints. I tried it for a milli second and didn’t really fancy the idea of abseiling down the O2 at night!

The only downfall of climbing down forwards is that your toes and knees hurt but what can you do!?

Andddd we made it!

We went inside and got our stuff back then walked through to the gift shop. Oh Lord, as for this gift shop…we can assure you that the no gifts were bought.

Before the climb the happiest lady in the world (not) took our photo with a semi professional camera. They showed us these extravagant photos at the end, 2/3 were nice and the last was completely out of focus.

It was all fair and well showing us the pics but I wanted to know the cost. I cheekily said “do we get a discount if we are on O2?

Unfortunately no, but the photo is £15 (WHAT!?) and then the rest are £5 after.”

TWENTY FIVE POUNDS for three small photos… hell to the no.

As expected, it was extortionately priced and we couldn’t justify buying (although I was SO tempted to).

Dwayne and I are learning to be good stewards with our money so it was a great decision.

We walked out with our heads held high and our pockets still full. Oh but ofcourse, one more photo shoot!

When we got home I was beat! But overall I was proud of myself, and ofcourse truly grateful for the birthday surprise.

I don’t want to be one of those girls who is constantly boring everyone with comments about their boyfriend…but I might just be that girl!

I’ll keep on singing Dwayne’s praises because he always goes above and beyond for me ❤️

Last night I went to sleep content and ticked this off the list!

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