3, 2, 1!


You know those people who say “Happy New Year well into January and you’re sort of thinking, that day has passed! Well, I’m gonna be one of those people this year!


Welcome 2018, the year of endless possibilities and more adventures!!

This isn’t a challenge blog post, better yet it’s a quick review of 2017!

2017 was the year I began the 25 for 25 challenge

…that I happily completed!!!

Of course,I’ll continue to post the challenges over the coming weeks, what’s the point in throwing them all up at once!!


In general, 2017 was a great year for me. I embarked on a ton of adventures, ventured to places I’ve never been before and tried things that I may or may not ever try again!

2017 is the year I got a new job!

2017 is the year I met the love of my life

(I will post this blog on our anniversary)

2017 was:

  • The year I was on tv
  • The year I ran for more than 5 minutes #SantaRun
  • The year I relieved a childhood memory
  • The year I went indoor skydiving (spoiler alert!)

And many many more things were achieved in 2017!


Now as it’s a week into 2018, I’ll let you know some of my goals for this month.

I happened to fall off ever so slightly and I’m not proud at all. I’m back in the gym and I’m currently doing this whole “no meat” diet.


That’s right yall, no chicken, no ribs, no turkey, no gizzard, no oxtail (I type this with a tear in my eye) none of it!!


I am however having fish only dishes, topping up my plate with veggies and aiming to increase my water intake.

That also means no sugar/sweets

And I’ll continue my no dairy diet.

I plan on seeing great results not only in my physical health, but in terms of my metabolism, my sleeping patterns and my mesntrual cycle.

Many people have New Years Resolutions that they make and don’t stick by…but I’m trying to be as productive and self disciplined as I’ve ever been.

As well as keeping my diet in check, I’m making sure that I keep a sound mind too! Mental health is equally as important as physical health so I’ll be practicing positive thinking every morning, waking up reading my bible, and being thankful for something new everyday.

And as you know, leaders are readers, so here’s my new book for the month!

‘The 7 habits of highly effective people.’

If you’ve read it, drop a comment and let me know if it’s benefited you at all!

So, let us raise our glasses (of water) and toast to the New Year!

Here’s to new challenges, accomplished goals and exceptional gains in the gym

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