Today Stephanie and I decided to take the plunge and try oysters!!

Not one, but six 🤢

It was only right that we took another trip to my favourite seafood joint Crab Tavern in Liverpool Street.

The first time I came here was for my 24th birthday and the service was exceptional, the food was A1 and it left a great impression in my mind! In terms of great seafood, seasoned well and gorgeously presented Crab Tavern was the spot.

I eagerly waited for another opportunity to come back and when it came to sampling oysters for the first time we decided this was the place to go.

When we arrived we waited at the door for what felt like almost 5 minutes, feeling ignored by the staff. Busy or not my excitement for being back there was slightly dwindling.

Strike two occurred when it came to ordering food.

The first waitress had the audacity to make something up about the menu 😳 and when I politely questioned her she said ‘umm be right back’ and got her manager. The manager came and said something completely different 😒

Now I don’t like to get into too much discussion when it comes to food, but as a customer I’ll always ask questions and expect an honest answer. Not conflicting information 👌🏾

Back to the oysters…

Steph and I did some google searching “how to eat oysters” “people trying oysters” “what even are oysters” those kind of videos


I think they scared us more than anything.


When the oysters came out we decided to take it in turns. The lady presented us with 6 oysters in a bed of ice with lemon and Tabasco sauce.



Slight hesitation at first…


Oyster number 1: Taken plain with garnish


Verdict: Nasty, do I really want to do this again?



Oyster number 2: Taken with lemon alone

Verdict: *gags* ok…ok…it tastes better with lemon



Oyster number 3: Taken with lemon and hot sauce

Verdict: The best. Why didn’t I try this one first?


Side Note: Did you hear Steph… she says:

 “It tastes like I’ve been swimming in Southend bruv”



It’s only right that I upload Steph’s attempt’s. Check out her animated facial expressions 😂


Oysters are weird, but you just have to garnish it well 😂


We waited almost 45 minutes for our dish to come out; we weren’t happy at all. We spent this time nibbling on chocolate pebbles from Ghana to settle our weary stomachs.

But yeah, now that I’ve mastered how to eat an oyster I can confidently say I have no desire to try them again.

When I got home I had to drink two fresh ginger tea’s. Sadly, I don’t think raw food sits right with me.


Overall, I had a lot of people asking how the experience was and I think my face says it all, try them for yourself gang!

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