Go Ape  🐒🐒

Go Ape  🐒🐒

We conquered the tree top adventure!!!

This challenge right here had a sort of team-building- day-trip-conquering-fears type vibe.



It was my turn to organise the couples trip and in true #25For25 fashion I decided to do something fun and exciting.

After everything was booked, we eagerly awaited the weekend (even though some of us needed a bit more convincing than others lol)



The journey there was a funny one. I hate being late but I was probably the reason why we were probably gonna miss our slot (damn my urge to always carry snacks and emergency sugar lol).




When we arrived we luckily caught up with our group and listened to the safety briefing.




I can’t lie, as much as it was my idea…when it came to the first jump I was shook. You’ll see a couple of my update as we walk through the sites.


Several minutes after conquering the first jump, I had to make the decision whether to go on either:

1) the extreme path


2) the less extreme path

Before I decided, I let the boys go across first.

(See below)



Do you see the struggle!? I decided to take the easier route lol.



The further you get on the course the more confident you feel. You eventually forget you were even fearful at the start.




By the time you reach site 3 you’re harnessing yourself without even thinking twice.

You’ll even find yourself encouraging strangers and reminding them to

always stay attached”



There was one jump in particular that none of the girls attempted.





I didn’t quite fancy launching myself of a twig into a giant spiders web.




…Always time for a Cunningham dance battle




The weather was truly in our favour. It happened to be the hottest day of the year



Cue Dwayne.


As you can see, some of the group were more cocky confident than others.








Can you believe it, no one in our group fell.

I repeat




(I’m not gonna lie, I had my bets on Bridget or Anthony being the ones to drop, sorry guys)



 The thought of falling had all of us a bit anxious at the start. Our guide simply told us

“If you fall, you’ll just be hanging there.”





It’s safe to say I’ve overcome my fear of heights!


The activity that gave us the most laughs has to be the zip wire. And the award for the funniest landing definitely goes to Paul!


One of the rules when landing is to keep your legs together then start kicking your legs/run in the air….

Paul over here decided it was time for gymnastics!

At every opportunity possible, he would open his legs wide in split position, ensuring total hilarity when he finally landed… see for yourself!








Me on the other hand, I was a bit shaky at the start.

Shak & Bri had a couple of dodgy landings too.







Eventually I perfected my landing; and in true ‘Shivy’ fashion used a catchphrase.

Today it was….




We made it to site 5!



And boy, the final jump was massive.

At this point you give yourself and the group a pep talk…

Something along the lines of:

“Ok guys, this is it. No turning back, you’ve made it this far. We have been on the course for 3+ hours. Let’s do this…”




Because I was last, there’s no footage of me doing the final jump, but I can assure you it was epic.



Paul, Shak, Ant, Bri, Dwayne and Shiv ✔️

We all made it.




We then received our certificates and we were off on our way.

Completing Go Ape was definitely a huge achievement for me, considering I haven’t been the greatest fan of heights over the last few years.

I would say the real challenge lies with conquering the first jump…then conquering the aches and pains your body feels over the next 2-3 days!

If you’re feeling brave enough, give Go Ape a try!


Ok, ok, let’s watch Paul’s famous landing one more time




W A K A N D A  

F O R E V E R!




If you haven’t watched the film yet, what are you waiting for? I know you may be waiting for the hype to die down…But honestly you do not want to miss the current NUMBER 1 MOVIE THE WORLD!

Black Panther has to be the film of the year and the year has just about begun.

Marvels Black Panther has already celebrated its place in cinematic history as one of the most high profile Black super hero movies to date!”


Excitement is brewing:

This is a movement that many have anticipated for years!

Because we all predicted utter greatness, we decided to get the squad together for this film! The Whatsapp broadcast was sent in January and we booked tickets immediately occupying a whole row!


We also made a vow to pay our dues and not stream this film lol!


The Main Cast:

With an exceptional cast pioneering the film, you can already see how amazing it was going to be. Old with young, legends with new kids on the block. But each actor/actress perfectly suited for their role.

Chadwick Boseman – T’Challa

Angela Basset – Ramonda

Lupita Nyong’o – Nakia

Letitia Wright – Shuri

Michael B Jordan – Erik Killmonger

Danai Gurira – Okoyo

Winston Duke – N’Baku

Forest Whitaker – Zuri

Andy Serkis – Klaw

Martin Freeman – Everett K. Ross

Daniel Kaluuya – W’Kabi

Ooo congrats on winning a BAFTA last night!


By the way, we see you Lupita X Michael B Jordan!

I am sooo here for this!

Short intermission:

 Enjoy this gorgeous fan art work





Tuesday 13th February 2018

Pancake day Black Panther day finally arrived.

After I made some pancakes and did some work, I began to get ready. There was no was we were showing up late to this film. For weeks I had been planning what to wear, yet I still wasn’t quite sure. I settled for the blue Dashiki, headwrap, black leather jeans and over the knee boots.



I sent out the reminder messages and started my commute to Stratford.

SUDDENLY… I received word that Westfield had been evacuated because of a fire.

This was me.

What more could happen? Is this a set up! Surely someone’s lying?


Because I was half way there, I decided to continue my journey. When I arrived I saw huge crowds downstairs and around 30 police officers on the ground floor. It looked more like a riot than a fire. I was super confused, but nevertheless, made my way upstairs to the newly re-opened cinema.

After sending out a ton of broadcasts to update the group we eventually managed to link up, eat and make our way upstairs.


You didn’t buy your tickets in advance? Sorrrrry.

No lie, there were about 100/200 people upstairs, tensions were high because many people had been evacuated, missed their showing or were unhappy with the service and demanded a refund.

After waiting around for about 30 minutes because of a ‘movie delay’, we eventually got into our screen and took our rightful place in Row K!

 The Vibe:

It was beautiful to see a cinema full of men and women, people of colour one and alike representing their culture and heritage.

As our film started the first time round, there was no sound, then eventually, an hour after our assigned time this Marvel of a film started (see what I did there).

We were catching so much jokes! We would laugh, boo cheer and clap at the same time, the atmosphere was electric!



True Marvel fans know to stay past the credits *ahem* twice.

The Best Feeling:

I left the cinema feeling inspired, empowered and fulfilled. No lie, I slept so well and felt uplifted the next day.

After the film we bumped into so many people. New faces with beautiful souls. We felt like one, we were united and were feeling elated together. I’ve never experienced this kind of atmosphere, everyone dressed up for one cause and taking photos with strangers… ok well there’s Notting Hill Carnival, but you catch my drift.


GROUP PHOTOgroup.jpg


At one point, amidst all the madness in Westfield, myself and few others were approached by professional photographer and blogger (didn’t know this at the time lol) Holly Cato. She politely asked to take my photo as she was capturing everyone who came all dressed up for Black Panther.




Backlash for what please? Can’t you let us be great?

I’ve seen so many ridiculous posts about the film being racist and people disagreeing with the fact that fans were showing up in traditional wear…

But when Star Wars comes out we see super fans dressed in costume…

(Disclaimer, I actually like Star Wars)

There is so much more to the film than what meets the eye.

I can see how much positivity and joy this film has brought. Hearing that celebrities are paying for peoples tickets to watch the movie and buying out the whole cinema…


Speaking of Kendrick Lamar, saints have you heard the soundtrack for the Black Panther movie? Download, buy, stream, do whatever, need I say anymore?



It was refreshing to see such vibrancy, colour and positivity without the usual drug empowered, gang warfare driven violence we usually see in stereotypical “black films”.


Our warrior who plays Nakia in the film said this during an interview:

‘We have come from a beautiful country that has been assaulted, abused and exploited. Colonialism rewrote our history – the global narrative is of poverty, war and strife.’

Lupita Nyong’o


And this is all you and I have seen, and continue to see…

Whereas in the film, the futuristic Wakanda is a huge depiction of what an African country could have looked like had it not been colonised, it’s mad.

In general, the wealth of the African continent is hardly seen, but in Black Panther we see ‘WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN’ and what’s surely to come 😉

A tweet following the hashtag #WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe

One time for the WOMEN!

Ladies, we are hero’s heroines!

It doesn’t take a film to let someone know that us women are mighty beings

– childbirth duhhh


During the film I saw women and girls who resemble me! A film showing actresses with dark chocolate skin, thick Afro hair and gorgeous features taking lead roles.

The women in the Black Panther are powerful, wise and admirable. These heroines are intelligent and strong and when they fight you can’t help but scream GIRL POWER!



What I love about the women is that they are highly skilled, trained warriors who think fast and save the day. I’m so tired of seeing women represented as weak and feeble. The usual damsel in distress, tied down to a rail track waiting for her hero to come and rescue her 😩

Here we have a movie where the women aren’t depicted as their usual rude, sometimes over sexualised, all in your face, snap your fingers and patting their weave stereotypes!

In Wakanda, we have women I would be proud to imitate. Folks, t’s time to create a new narrative. One of classiness, education, sophistication and strength.


Where do we go from here?

It’s time to build from this.

We have a film where my children have a hero that “looks like them”.

For once, it’s amazing to see that people of colour aren’t represented as poor, criminals or stupid.

Colonialism , racism, colorism, nationalism, these and many other issues were explored in the film and I truly believe the BLACK PANTHER MOVEMENT is here to stay.



No, one movie won’t make up for years of being excluded and intense marginalisation, but it certainly paved the way in re-educating human kind.

I for one am ready to champion this and make sure my future children understand that they are Kings & Queens. I want my little ones to have positive influences and role models and remember who they’re representing.

Dwayne told me to call him King T’Challa from now on, not sure how that one will go down at the dinner table.

East London’s very own Nakia & T’Challa





I tried Oysters!

I tried Oysters!

Today Stephanie and I decided to take the plunge and try oysters!!

Not one, but six 🤢

It was only right that we took another trip to my favourite seafood joint Crab Tavern in Liverpool Street.

The first time I came here was for my 24th birthday and the service was exceptional, the food was A1 and it left a great impression in my mind! In terms of great seafood, seasoned well and gorgeously presented Crab Tavern was the spot.

I eagerly waited for another opportunity to come back and when it came to sampling oysters for the first time we decided this was the place to go.

When we arrived we waited at the door for what felt like almost 5 minutes, feeling ignored by the staff. Busy or not my excitement for being back there was slightly dwindling.

Strike two occurred when it came to ordering food.

The first waitress had the audacity to make something up about the menu 😳 and when I politely questioned her she said ‘umm be right back’ and got her manager. The manager came and said something completely different 😒

Now I don’t like to get into too much discussion when it comes to food, but as a customer I’ll always ask questions and expect an honest answer. Not conflicting information 👌🏾

Back to the oysters…

Steph and I did some google searching “how to eat oysters” “people trying oysters” “what even are oysters” those kind of videos


I think they scared us more than anything.


When the oysters came out we decided to take it in turns. The lady presented us with 6 oysters in a bed of ice with lemon and Tabasco sauce.



Slight hesitation at first…


Oyster number 1: Taken plain with garnish


Verdict: Nasty, do I really want to do this again?



Oyster number 2: Taken with lemon alone

Verdict: *gags* ok…ok…it tastes better with lemon



Oyster number 3: Taken with lemon and hot sauce

Verdict: The best. Why didn’t I try this one first?


Side Note: Did you hear Steph… she says:

 “It tastes like I’ve been swimming in Southend bruv”



It’s only right that I upload Steph’s attempt’s. Check out her animated facial expressions 😂


Oysters are weird, but you just have to garnish it well 😂


We waited almost 45 minutes for our dish to come out; we weren’t happy at all. We spent this time nibbling on chocolate pebbles from Ghana to settle our weary stomachs.

But yeah, now that I’ve mastered how to eat an oyster I can confidently say I have no desire to try them again.

When I got home I had to drink two fresh ginger tea’s. Sadly, I don’t think raw food sits right with me.


Overall, I had a lot of people asking how the experience was and I think my face says it all, try them for yourself gang!

Happy New Year 🎇

Happy New Year 🎇

3, 2, 1!


You know those people who say “Happy New Year well into January and you’re sort of thinking, that day has passed! Well, I’m gonna be one of those people this year!


Welcome 2018, the year of endless possibilities and more adventures!!

This isn’t a challenge blog post, better yet it’s a quick review of 2017!

2017 was the year I began the 25 for 25 challenge

…that I happily completed!!!

Of course,I’ll continue to post the challenges over the coming weeks, what’s the point in throwing them all up at once!!


In general, 2017 was a great year for me. I embarked on a ton of adventures, ventured to places I’ve never been before and tried things that I may or may not ever try again!

2017 is the year I got a new job!

2017 is the year I met the love of my life

(I will post this blog on our anniversary)

2017 was:

  • The year I was on tv
  • The year I ran for more than 5 minutes #SantaRun
  • The year I relieved a childhood memory
  • The year I went indoor skydiving (spoiler alert!)

And many many more things were achieved in 2017!


Now as it’s a week into 2018, I’ll let you know some of my goals for this month.

I happened to fall off ever so slightly and I’m not proud at all. I’m back in the gym and I’m currently doing this whole “no meat” diet.


That’s right yall, no chicken, no ribs, no turkey, no gizzard, no oxtail (I type this with a tear in my eye) none of it!!


I am however having fish only dishes, topping up my plate with veggies and aiming to increase my water intake.

That also means no sugar/sweets

And I’ll continue my no dairy diet.

I plan on seeing great results not only in my physical health, but in terms of my metabolism, my sleeping patterns and my mesntrual cycle.

Many people have New Years Resolutions that they make and don’t stick by…but I’m trying to be as productive and self disciplined as I’ve ever been.

As well as keeping my diet in check, I’m making sure that I keep a sound mind too! Mental health is equally as important as physical health so I’ll be practicing positive thinking every morning, waking up reading my bible, and being thankful for something new everyday.

And as you know, leaders are readers, so here’s my new book for the month!

‘The 7 habits of highly effective people.’

If you’ve read it, drop a comment and let me know if it’s benefited you at all!

So, let us raise our glasses (of water) and toast to the New Year!

Here’s to new challenges, accomplished goals and exceptional gains in the gym